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Our legacies choices us, we don’t choice our legacies. This is what we have learned from a jar of beans. When my grandfather died in a car crash my grandmother gave me a jar of beans she had found in pops shed. I had already started growing food and was a mixture of Elliot Coleman and a biodynamic shaman. That following Christmas an aunt of mine got me the Heirloom Vegetable Gardening by William Woys Weaver. I had already been growing some heirloom stuff. I was lucky enough to work for Tim Stark of Eckerton Hill Farm while I was in college. That is where I bit into a Black Krim (never eaten a tomato like a hand fruit before!) and had an out of body experience. So I emailed William and ended up working for him for a year. The beans in my jar turned out to be old Lancaster County ones, one of which (Stoltzfus String Bean) had be extinct, no one had seen that bean in 70 years until I poured it out unto this coffee table. I was hooked.