Our History

The ideas behind Happy Cat Organics, LLC got started about 12 years ago; Tim worked on an organic farm in rolling valleys of Pennsylvania that are framed by the Blue Mountains. Someone passed him a black tomato and told him to eat it, at first he was going to throw it, but reluctantly took a bite. Sun warm both he and the tomato, Tim was transfixed by the sheer epiphany in his mouth and running down his chin. He was hooked. Then in 1996 Tim’s grandfather was killed in a car accident and a huge jar of beans got passed from his very large truck patch to Tim’s weedy attempt at be Elliot Coleman. He grow the beans for a few years, but never knew what He had. Until reading Heirloom Gardening by William Woys Weaver, Tim contacted him, William lived in the suburbs and Tim lived in Philadelphia, He ended up working for him for awhile and learning much more then just about my beans.

Tim and Amy started growing every heirloom or open pollinated seed they could get there green thumbs on; the more they grow the more they wanted to share these fascinating plants with other people. So started Happy Cat Organics, LLC; named after those little cat statues with one paw raised that you see in the window of Chinese food restaurants. Good Luck.


Who We Are

Amy and Tim have over twenty-five years of horticultural expertise in design sales propagation restoration seed saving foraging and organic farming.

Amy Bloom

Amy is part Pennsylvanian German, but to look at her you can tell she favors the Norwegian side of her family. Our little hard working Viking might be small, but I wouldn’t mess with her. Amy has a great knowledge of heirloom plants design native plants and knoll furniture. Amy takes care of the things Tim hates, paper work, calling people, organizing anything, and making sure everything gets done.

Amy enjoys family, hiking, and shopping for a bargain.

Tim Mountz

Tim comes from a long line of plantsmen and Pennsylvania German farmers who have been working the land here since 1683, just for nice.

Tim is Happy Cats Organics ethonobotanist, forager, seed saver and marketing controller. Tim does a little bit of everything and everything Amy asks of him, as a good husband should. You can find seeds in every pocket of every pair of pants or jacket that he owns, as well as in every container in the house that will hold a seed. When he is not messing with seeds, he’s hiking or reading or on one of his many skateboards. You can keep up with him and the farm at his blog.

They Met At Delaware Valley College while both where getting degrees in Environmental Design.