Amana Orange heirloom tomato seeds

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I have had this seed for a few years and I finally get around to trying in 2020, that was a good season for us on the farm and Amama Orange really stood out. I have a soft spot for orange tomatoes, going back to the year East Coast had late blight, orange tomatoes are the last ones standing. Tatianna says that the seed was first offered back in 1985 in the seed savers yearbook, by one Gary Staley of Brandon Florida, he named them after the Amana Corporations where he worked. Others say it is named for the Amana Village in Iowa home to German immigrants. I tend to trust Tatianna. The fruits are large, I mean some of them get over two pounds kind of large, with some ribbing, but most of my fruits have very little ribbing, after the first flower set. It is a big solid slicer with a flavor profile that will stop you in your tracks. Fruity overtones and sweet floral undertones make this tomato super versatile in the kitchen, it should rack high on your grow-every-year list. About 10 seeds indeterminate plants 90 days
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