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Des Andes heirloom tomato seeds came to me from My friend Hillary when she returned from a trip from France. This variety was probably brought from the Andes to France by a French plant collector. This tomato also goes by the name Cornue des Andes (Des Andes, Andes, Andine Cornue, Andes Horn) This is a great paste tomato if you are looking to make lots of sauce. The fruits are 7” + firm and dense with a small seed cavity and a pronounced horn on the end, even though the photo does not show this. Massive fruits with a massive fruit set, this plant pumps them out. The flavor is complex with a touch of sweetness and earthy undertones. I used just this varietal for a pizza sauce this summer and it was over the top.

Indigo Rose tomato seeds OK, not my favorite tomato, but it is more from seeing people pick this one too early and raving about the flavor. This tomato in fact has to go to complete ripeness on the vines or it tastes like crap! OK, there I said it, fully ripe it is ok tasting at best. It has a great look and was Developed by Jim Myers at Oregon State University who used anthocyanin genes found in wild tomatoes in the 1960s. Anthocyanins are what make blueberries blue and they are packed full of antioxidants, which makes them really cool, (dances with smurfs and black dragon are much better tasting.) I ate a ton of these this year trying to love them but I only still like it. People ask me about it all the time, so here it is. I love the research and the history here so it is worth adding a super healthy and great look to your cherry mix for the summer.

Pineapple heirloom tomato seeds also known as Ananas, this tomato was originally offered by Gleckler Seedmen a great 1950’s seed house that sold unusual varietals of tomatoes. Some people say it got its name from the shape of the fruit and others say it is from the flavor. Either way, oh mommy is this a great tomato. It ranks right up there with Mortage lifter bi-color and Northern lights as the tops of the big bi-color tomatoes in my book. The fruits are huge and can be 2 pounds and pretty productive for a big boy. The flavor is tomatoey and really sweet, with a candy-like giddiness. My favorite way to eat this is to cut into ¼” slices, have a friend bring me everything bagels from NY, add a bunch of Philadelphia cream cheese, and the slice of tomato, OMG!

OK if you are not near NY or you don’t have friends throw that slice onto a BLT (AKA the lobster roll of the Mid Atlantic).