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Taco farmer.

This is less of a top ten of what to grow if you are a taco lover, but more of a seed shopping list. So if your adventurous I would start with corn, corn intimidates people or they say they don’t have the space for it, but I would have to disagree with both of those statements. Last year I grow gaspe corn in a 10” pot on my deck. Gaspe is a Native American corn from the Gaspé peninsula of Quebec Canada and is a short season, I mean really short season, 60 days from planting to harvest. It is also super short in stature, only growing about 2’ tall max. Corn is the backbone of every taco dish, and if you have never had one from fresh masa and hand pressed, you have not lived. If you said, “Yeah aren’t tortillas made of flour?” You can leave now!

JK we sell wheat wheat berries as well.

Most tomatoes in tacos are the backbone of sauces and salsa for tacos but they only play a supporting rule. Sure gabachos and Tex mex sure they use diced tomatoes on their tacos, but that’s not happening in my neighborhood.

Tomatillo another not up front veg for your tacos but the literally foundation of the taco itself. Last year I grow 11 different tomatillos and oh my god where they great. I love to slice them in half and mix the yellow, green and purple ones together. Roast mix with peppers and onions and grid them into the best easy salsa every.

Peppers just grow too many, fresh, frozen or hot sauce you will need them. My go to top 3 fish pepper, Chilcostle Rojo and beaver dam

Mexican sour gherkins this is more of a minor ingredient but I had these at market one week a lady came to out stall, our towns population is half Mexican so doing a transaction where the adults both speak bits of each other’s language, the business happens between me and the bilingual children. The daughter told me her mother had been in the country for 20 years had never seen Mexican sour gherkins grown here, she bought some I gave her some.

Twenty minutes later she returned with hand made tortillas, fried fish, green salsa and chopped up gherkins. To five meals of my life. These tiny cucumber relative have a great tang and crunchy texture awesome on chorizo.

Onions you will need lots of onions, because you will need to serve them two ways. One is diced and raw to top your taco the other is as a young

The other thing I grow but not from seed is Catus or nopales it is a native plant here in the east coast, but we are on its most northern reach. It looks horrible in the winter landscape but it is so easy to propagate and grow you will be amazed.

Lettuce yeah I sell seeds for it but if you put it on you tacos, your kids won’t get asked to the prom.

Cilantro is so easy and so many people ask me why the can not grow it. The problem is most people buy a pot of it, that is root bond and heading into its seed life cycle. So I you need to buy it as a plant, buy small ones where you don’t see many roots in the soil when you lift it out of the pot. Then get a bag of seeds. Plant both, in 2 weeks plant more seeds and again in two more weeks. There you go a summers worth of cilantro.

Then repeat in the fall. In my garden cilantro over winters.

No plate of tacos would be complete without a few slices of radish. Fast and easy to grow, in the heat of the summer find a shady spot, and give them extra water.

That’s all you need, if you are limited on space grow one of them and you will be shocked how different your tacos are when you grow the ingredients.