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My list of top ten tomatoes you should be growing if you love pizza.

My two favorite foods, as I may come as no surprise are heavily focused on the things I grow the most of. But I am obsessed with pizza and tacos. So I figured I would share a list of favorites for both, so he is the pizza top ten heavy hitters.

For this list I focus on the two types of tomatoes I use in my wood fired pizza oven.

About mid pandemic I bought an Ooni oven and it has changed my life.

I use tomatoes for making sauce and for slices fresh as a topping.

  1. Speckled Roman it is a paste variety that is a cross between Antique Roman and Banana Legs, but don’t be fooled this tomato shines in more was than just sauce. Eat it fresh, yeah I said eat a paste tomato fresh (I would not say that about San Marzano) it also dries really well.
  2. London grove one of our local favorite paste tomatoes, again a solid sauce tomato that can be eaten fresh and is super productive. It used to be known around the valley as rabbits foot.
  3. Canestrino is an Italian sauce making power house, it’s not as great fresh eating but dude the sauce that comes from these tomatoes is stunning.
  4. Black krim is one of my all time all around top tomatoes. It’s intense flavor profile is wonderful sliced on top of some nice Asiago cheese. Trust me.
  5. Auriga is the best orange cherry tomato out there, there I said it. Sorry sungold but you are the poor cousin here. Fully balanced flavor Explosions of sunshine. Radiant halted on any food, but brilliant on pizza.
  6. Barry’s crazy cherry a wonder tear drop shaped tomato that not only stores forever, it is sweet and bursting with amazing flavors of high summer fruit and florals.
  7. Matt’s wild cherry tiny cherry tomatoes that pack so much flavors into each one it will blow your mind. It is lots of work, but a sauce made out of this is one of the greatest things I have ever had. So reminiscent of the cherry tomato sauces of Sicily, but not as sweet.
  8. Northern lights this is another big boy, this is one of the only tri-colored tomatoes in my collection. The body is orange yellow with pink stripes on the blossom end and green on the shoulders. The flavor is a super sweet conglomerate of complexity. Sliced or sauced, I love to mix wick pickled onions to cut the sweetness.
  9. Goccia di lemoine a sweet cherry tomato that is ghostly whitish yellow, these are so good you might have trouble saving them for the pies.
  10. You can’t you won’t and you don’t stop! Yeah long name and a long story. Originally from China a friend of mine brought these back for me, I loved them so much but they need a bit of tweaking and I sure they where hybrid, but I don’t read Chinese so I went to work selecting them fir flavor and productivity and wow it turned out great. The spring I was getting ready to release them MCA passed away and all I could think about was how I had to pick hundreds of them and the where so productive they where a sure shot. The flavor is the best red cherry tomato flavor I have ever had! Done. Halted and topped with parmigiana for perfection.

Hope you enjoyed my top 10 tomatoes for the pizza life.