BREAD SCHOOL - three classes from seed to bread

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: This is a 3 part school where we will start with seeds and end up cooking and eating.


   G R O W   :   C O O K   :   E A T   

The staff of life, bread is the backbone of civilization. Back in 2018 a hearth and bread were found in a dig in Jordan dating to 14500 years old. That’s at least  3500 years older than agriculture, so not treating our daily bread with the respect and love that it deserves is a true crime. Those who eat things like wonder bread and claim that it is bread should be pulled out onto the street and run over by horse and cart. To break bread with another human is to be human, to eat really good bread is every human’s right. In this school, in our first class, we will be exploring ancient grains and the movement around bringing these wonderful grains back into our diets. We will explore the history of bread and what makes great bread so darn great. As well as, learning how to plant our own grain patch in our own spaces.

Our second class will be held around mid-summer at our harvest time. We will learn how to dry and clean our grains. We will also study the art of milling our wheat into flour. Lastly, we will go over the making of a sourdough starter and why it’s one of the most important parts of making great bread.

Our last class in late summer will be all about baking great bread at home.

This class will have a co-teacher, the talented baker Isabel Soto. Check her out on Instagram to see how amazing her bread is and how cool she is.


What you get beyond the three classes.


  1. Wheat seeds
  2. Ground wheat flour
  3.  Dough scrap

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