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This class is in-person


This is a three part workshop that will be broken up into Spring, Summer and Fall. Each workshop is in person in south eastern Pennsylvania.



Spring -  awakening



Spice bush

Knot weed


Spruce tips


Summer -  abundance

Wood sorrel

June berries


Day lilies


Chicken of the woods




Fall -  storage

Paw paws

Hen of the woods

Chicken of the woods


Spice bush leaves



I have been foraging ever since I can remember, my parents and grandparents always took full advantage of the rambling fields and fragmented forest that dotted the countryside we all lived in. We ate elderberries, wine berries and wild mint, which the older people called “Meadow Tea” and Dandelions with hot bacon dressing served over mashed potatoes every Easter. It was both an extended grocery store and pharmacy at the same time. It was love and necessity for people that had such a larger connection to the landscape. It was ritual and witch craft, feared and revered. Passed down from generation to generation by hand and word of mouth. My grandfather knew two mushrooms and they where the only ones he would pick, he never looked in a book. So, foraging has always held a special place in my heart, when I was a child I had free rein over the hills, meadows and forest I grew up on. It was my kingdom and I took to long hikes and eating on the wind and drinking from springs. I watched as old fields filled in with new species, as agriculture and families changed. Grasses and perennials traded with shrubs and trees in a dance as old as the rocks. My mother called me, Euell  Gibbons because of the things I wanted to eat. ‘My Side of the Mountain’ and ‘Stalking the Wild Asparagus’  became my holy doctrines and in the dappled shade of my woodland chapel I forged my own religion.


We will learn the basics and all the foraging rules, great books, equipment list that you will need for success.



$75 per in person workshops

Or $210 for all three in person- this includes a Opinel foraging knife and a field note book to journal your foraging adventure.