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Goccia di limone Heirloom tomato seeds

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Goccia di lemoine heirloom tomato 

An Italian heirloom from Milanaise.

I think someone may of had bit of a brain fart and had a little spelling accident. By no means am I blaming anyone, I myself am a horrible speller. But the first two words in the name of this tomato are Italian and the last one is a French surname that means monk. So what I really think is the name of this tomato is goccia di Limone or the dewdrop of lemon and not the dew drop of a monk. But what do I know, maybe the droppings of monks are great.


The growth of this plant is aggressive to say the least, in the fuels you can always hear the noobs (aka tomato groms) literally sigh when they hit the goccias in row. The sheer amount of fruit per truss is impressive and your only reward is getting to eat as many of these beautiful pale yellow with a blush of white cherry tomatoes as one can shove in to their mouth. The flavor is a mixture of soft sweetness and a golden honey that taste like you are looking at the sun shining thru leaves in the afternoon. 


About 20 seeds 

70 from transplant