Moyamensing, Spring Garden, or Fairmont Goal tomato seed

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Moyamensing, Spring Garden, or Fairmont Goal tomato seed-

Years ago when I worked for Dr. William Woys Weaver he gave me seed for this tomato and told me a story of how it was grown in the prisons of Philadelphia, as with all great stories this one has many twist and turns. Some say it was the tomato that the people in Eastern State Penitentiary grow and named for the street that they were released onto. Dr. Weaver got the seeds from a Mrs. M.J. Grooms from Philadelphia around 1982, who’s great grand father was a cook a the prison.  Mrs. Grooms said that prisoners grow the tomato in their large garden. The fruits are reddish/pink balls that are 2.5” on average and very productive. 80-85 days of indeterminate production with a flavor profile that is savory with a floral finish.

10 sustainably seeds.