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Piennolo del Vesuvio heirloom tomato seeds

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Piennolo del Vesuvio (Mt. Vesuvius or Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio) heirloom tomato seeds. From the rich volcanic soils of Mt. Vesuvius comes this wonderful tomato that I would put up against any other paste tomato. I mean with Naples right there on the doorstep of the mountains it would have to be right? I mean it even comes with PDO (protected designation of origin) trademarks. The fruit is often called a grape, but it would be a big grape. Sometimes it is called a paste tomato, but it would be a small paste tomato. The shape is like an elongated cherry somewhat piriform with that is a bit flattened and has a groove running its length from nipple to stem. The flavor is intensely earthly, rustic, and has a balanced sweetness, that only increases with time, as this tomato is traditionally hung on strings and stored for later use. I have only been organized enough in my life to store this a few times, but oh boy are they amazing. I also truly love to use them fresh and make a simple sauce out of them, a pass thru the mill to remove skins and seeds, a bit of basil, olive oil, and a touch of good salt. I have also just through a bunch in a pot, cooked them down with salt and olive oil. Hit them with the immersion blender and used that right out of the pot on pizza. 

About 10 seeds