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POLENTA SCHOOL - three classes from seed to polenta

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: This is a 3 part school where we will start with seeds and end up cooking and eating.


       G R O W   :   C O O K   :   E A T  


This is really a class about growing maize, polenta is just the final product that I love making the most from the maize (corn) I grow.

In this three-part program, we will learn the history of maize, (how it should be called maize and not corn) how to grow it, how to harvest and save seed, we will also learn how to grind and cook our corn into polenta or mush depending on where it comes from.


Polenta is such a simple food, a food that always reminds me of the words of an old friend who I claim is my spiritual advisor. 

Eat like a peasant! That’s polenta to me, I am of  Pennsylvania German descent so most of my life I have to know polenta as Mush of cornmeal mush. My grandfather would make it from a local meal producer that roast the meal. We would watch the pot as it was made and eat some warm like a pile of mashed potatoes with butter salt and pepper or enjoy it later after he would put it into a pan and let it cool in the refrigerator overnight, to be sliced and fried in a casket iron pan and served with blackstrap molasses was its only dressing.

Years later I was able to get some really rare maize seeds from the Piedmont region of Italy and my life changed. This maize was all so different, each with a multitude of textures and flavors. I was hooked and I hope you will be as well, so join us on this journey into northern Italy and Pennsylvania foodways.


This class will be broken down into three online meetings. Our first meeting in early spring will be about the History of maize and how it spread around the world. Planting where what, and when on how to get your maize in the ground, and how to cultivate it.


Our second class will be in the fall and we will go over how and when to harvest our maize, how to dry and store it, and then how to shuck, shell, and clean so it is ready for cooking.

Our last class will be in the later fall.

This is where we get to the best part, the eating, but first, we have to learn how to grind and cook the maize we all have grown.

What you get, beyond the class.

  1. Maize seed so you can grow your own. maize
  2. Freshly milled polenta so you can try it before you finish growing it.
  3. Cooking kit with cheese, butter, and salt. So you can cook your polenta in the best way.
  4. Wooden polenta stirrer from Italy so you can stir your pot.

The price for all 3  classes is $225.

Dates to follow.