Pomodoro Ciliegino di pachino heirloom tomato seed

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Pomadora Ciliegino di pachino literally means cherry tomatoes from Pachino. Pachino is in the province of Syracuse in the southeastern part of Sicily. Its name derives from the latin word bacchus which was the Roman god of wine. A friend of mine spent some time in the region and got a hold of some of these seeds for me. As well as some of the little brown stubby beer bottles full of the most amazing sauce made from the region's cherry tomatoes and sold in what is locally sold in reused beer bottles. So a great tradition. This heirloom dates back to the 1920’s but some people have told me it is older than that. The plants are vigorous and massively productive of tiny cherry tomatoes that have a great flavor and a wonderful sweetness.


About 10 seeds

80 days from transplant