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Last summer I got seeds from my neighbors across the street are from a town in Hidalgo just outside of Mexico City. Here in the states they own a grocery store and grow papalo and a bunch of other stuff in a massive plot in their yard. They also rent an acre of land to grow on about 20 miles away. I told them I could never get it to go to seed very well, two quick tricks later and pop I had the best seed crop I had ever grown. Papalo is one of the most unusual plants I have grown, for lack of a better description of its taste I would say it is cilantro mixed with fuit loops, but I fear that does not do it justice. It is cilantro-like, but so much more, and the fruitiness is so intense that it’s intoxicating. I love to go to the carniceria on Friday when the chorizo is super fresh and make tacos piled high with popalo, oh summer I miss you. We sow in indoors 6-7 weeks before the last frost so we get a jump on the season, but we will also direct sow some once we have reached our frost date. About 10 seeds. Germinated can be spotty so we give extra seeds.