Northern Lights

[75-80 days] Indeterminate
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WOW! A medium sized bi-color (or tricolor) tomato that we totally fell in love with in ‘07. Fruits are 4-5” big. The main body of the fruit is a bright yellow/orange with green shoulders. Nice and meaty with a good juicy sweetness. Super flavorful and very productive. A slice of this tomato is like looking thru the Humble telescope with Carl Sagan at the depths of space and he says, taste it!

About 20 sustainable seeds

Hand grown and packed in PA


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    Strikengly Beautiful

    Posted by TJ on 8th Apr 2011

    The picture here doesn't really give this beauty its proper due. I have to say that last year I had a magical experience with growing this tomato, I think it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever grown. Wonderful coloring on the skin carries over to the marbled yellow, pink, red, orange of the flesh. The taste is right there with the looks too.