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Rare cherry tomato seed mix

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Here one for all the cherry tomato fans out there.

I am have always grown way too many cherries tomatoes, Harvesting is the job that we give to the grooms to see if they have what it takes to be a tomato farmer or not. This collection is made up of the best tasting and uber rare gems.

Dances with smurfs- I did a grow out of every blue tomato I could get a few years ago. This one is the winner, and a very sick name to boot.

Couver du pigeon - A French heirloom that we grow a snack, no one can walk past these plants without stopping and eating a handful.

cuban yellow- Not much is known about this heirloom, but Cuban is a heavy hitter producing tons of amazing yellow egg shaped cherry tomatoes that will become a staple of your summer cheese trays.

Columbianum - a particularly aggressive semi wild tomato that produces tons of tiny red tomatoes that explode with flavor.

Solanum cheesmanii- this one is the tomato that the the marine iguanas eat on the Galápagos Islands.

Green pear- the pear tomatoes are some of the first tomato grown commonly in Europe, this is a green one that has a zesty flavor.