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Sicilian Godfather heirloom tomato seeds

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Sicilian godfather heirloom tomato seeds

 The seeds for this amazing monster of a tomato came to use from an Italian American family here in the valley in Wilmington DE. The work of these Italian immigrants can still be seen all over the valley, from the Château of the DuPont’s to the timeless stone walls that line the fields and forest. My friends family brought it with them from Italy in the 30’s from the Sicily.

 Sicilian Godfather is gigantic fruit 2 pound fruit are the norm, they are super thin skinned and start to bruise the moment you touch them

Orangish red in color 

Good fruit setter for a big boy

The flavor profile is spot on tomato acidity juiciness that will that you back to your Nona’s garden (although I am only .06% Italian I still get it.) the meaty fleshed and great flavor lead them selves to sauce.

I have a picture of my daughter holding one of these and everyone thought it was a pumpkin.

I smashed them skins and all with a bite of basil and the best olive I had, make some fresh pasta and had one of the best meals of the summer.