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TACO SCHOOL - three classes from seed to taco

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: This is a 3 part school where we will start with seeds and end up cooking and eating


       G R O W   :   C O O K   :   E A T  


Follow my Instagram feed for a week and you will see how much tacos mean to me. I am lucky to live in a town that has a population that is half Latino, mostly from Mexico. From the town to our west to the town to our east you can get tacos at 22 places, 5  Panaderias, and 3 great Mexican grocery stores. I can go out and get food from four different states of Mexico which is a really awesome addition to our town and region. If you have ever had the chance to eat a taco with a handmade tortilla I am sure your experience was better than a processed tortilla. If you have ever had a taco or a tortilla that was made from heritage maize and freshly ground and made into masa, well your life most likely changed.

That’s what this school will do for you, change your life. We start in the spring and we will learn all about the history of tacos and the different forms they come in. Then we get to planting our maize and onions outside and the rest of our ingredients inside. If you are going to have meat with your tacos like I will be having, you’re going to have to get that yourself, I have not figured out how to send baby pigs through the mail, yet.  In Late Summer we will meet to talk about harvesting and prep of masa and how to make tortillas. In early fall we will meet again, and we will go through the entire process of making masa from our own maize and then eat tacos together.

What you get besides the online three online classes.

  1. Maize seed
  2. Tomato seed
  3. Tomatillo  seed
  4. Chile  seed
  5. Onion bulb set 
  6. Jar of Cal to nixtamalization of your maize 


Price for all three  classes is $225.

Dates to follow.