The Hot Sauce School

This is a 3 part school where we will start with seeds and end up cooking and eating.

G R O W   :   C O O K   :   E A T  

Hot sauce, especially fermented hot sauce, is such a big part of my cooking and eating experience. It’s more than just heat, it’s a multitude of flavor profiles that transform so many of my favorite things. Some days the hardest decision in my life is red or green! And that’s the way I like it. I can totally remember the first time I ate a scotch bonnet chile, I was working for chile shaman Tim Stark of Eckerton farm when I was in college. I had already had a life-changing out-of-body experience with a tomato that summer and when fall rolled around I was ready to start biting into some of the craziest looking peppers I had ever seen. Tim and I were loading up the truck and I could not take it anymore. I grabbed a scotch bonnet and popped it in my mouth. Bomb! It was like I was maced. I was having another out-of-body experience but this one was based on pain, not pleasure. I climbed in the front of the truck and Tim said, “I smell chiles.” I could not answer him, but I took the pain so I did not come off as a nub. But the flavor pre-close to death experience and the rush I got afterward made me a chile-head right there and then. 

In this program, we will look at the amazing pepper plant, where it came from, and how it spread so quickly all around the globe. The diversity of peppers and how absolutely crazy chile heads are.

Together in this class we will grow, harvest, cook, and ferment peppers into hot sauce.


First Class

Class one starts with the history and spread of hot peppers around the world and how they have impacted so many cultures and foodways. We will talk about seed selection and seed starting as well as cultivation to get the most out of our plants. This will be held in early spring. 

Second Class

Early fall our second class will meet to talk about harvest storage and how to start the fermentation process 

Final Class

Later in the fall we will get down to production and make our own hot sauce.


What you get, beyond the class:
Seeds | Recipes | Air trap | Bottles

Pricing: all three classes are $225.00