The Tomato School

Tomato School will be broken into 4 separate Zoom workshops. 
You may purchase individual workshops, or all of them.


Workshop 1 - March 9 th
Germination - The Story of Seeds 

Our opening workshop will be all about seeds. We will dive deep into why seeds are so important to growing great tomatoes. We will focus on all of the different types of tomatoes from cherry to paste and what our personal needs from tomatoes are so that our outcome meets our expectations. We will delve into the secrets of germination and some of the horticulture traditions and tricks. These include soil selection, humidity, light, and timing. Next, we will study ways to prep, plant and care for tiny little plants such as when to prick and transplant. As an added bonus, I will also talk about my own personal favorite 20 heirloom tomatoes and why I could not live without them.


Workshop 2 - April 27 th
Grow - The Life of Plants

In this workshop we will drill down on the cultivation of our tomato plants. Here again, timing is very important as we are picking the best spot and amending the soil or getting your containers cleaned and ready. We will study staking and pruning methods from single to multiple plants. Also taking a deep dive into the world of suckering and fertilization, which are the two most important parts of this workshop. We will also discuss tricks, tips, and folklore. Last, what works against pests and diseases.


Workshop 3 - August 3 rd
Harvest - From Vine to Plate

This workshop is just that, time to harvest, time to eat. We will focus on selection of fruit, when and how to harvest correctly as well as what to do post harvest for the longest shelf life. But really this workshop will be about eating. From what the author, Euell Gibbons called “eating in the wind.” to my favorite things to do with tomatoes when there is a glut, the best fresh eating to loading up your freezer with sauce. We will eat, cook and talk our way  into a tomato dream world.

Workshop 4 - September 21 st
Save - The Legacy of Seed

Our last workshop and the most important is on seed saving. Saving seeds puts the power of growing your own food truly into your own hands.  Seed trading has opened a world to me that I never had imagined, the sheer amount of amazing tomato seeds available us stunting. So much of what I do personally depends on and revolves around the saving of seed, from my seed business, to my farm, and  my passion. We will learn how to select the right plants and fruits for seed saving and even how to create your own tomato. Seed saving becomes more important every year with global warming and corporation consolidation of seed companies. You will leave this workshop informed and energized, to save the world, one tomato seed at a time.



$75.00 per workshop
Or get all 4 for $275.00

Buy all 4 and be and you will also get our tomato lovers gift package:

  • 10 packs of our rarest seeds
  • Fertilizer  our own blend designed just for tomatoes
  • A culinary kit that includes a jar of our favorite salt and olive and a special gift for the first 10 to sign up.
  • A bag of tomato clips