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Auriga tomato seeds. Auriga is a tomato I first ran into in the UK. The Brits call this type a 'Shirley' which are cluster trussed big cherry tomatoes. No one seems to know much about its history but tons of our friends across the pond grow it and love it. Some people call it Aurega and that tomato looks the same (I have never grown to that one.) But my research shows more people know it as Auriga so I am staying with that and since I got the seeds commercially when I was in Scotland I will stick with that. Some people say that it is from Russia but I cannot find any empirical evidence of that. The plants a very productive of one oz. fruits that are zesty and explosive in one's mouth. I really fell in love with this tomato this summer, golden and glimmering on the tongue my notes say! Eat it fresh or half into a salad or on bread. This tomato is also super high in beta-carotene. 75 days from transplant one indeterminate plant.

About 20 sustainable seeds

Hand grown and packed in PA