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Anna's Multiflora Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Anna's Multiflora Heirloom Tomato Seeds

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Anna's Multiflora

This one is a rock star. Seek no further! This was a new tomato for us this last growing season and we fell hard for this one. It has it all. Amazing flavor, it cooks well, it looks amazing, disease resistance, and comes from Tatiana (The tomato goddess herself) She writes,” Grown by Tatiana Kouchnareva's grandmother-in-law, Anna Kukharchik on her farm in the 90s in the South Urals area near Chelyabink city, Russia.” Anna’s Multiflora (floribunda might be more horticulturally correct?) Chelyabink lays on the lake pocked plateau east of the Taganai National Park. These 2-4oz. Fruits are more of a saladette, meaning it is small but not cherry small, and it can be used as a sauce tomato. These tomatoes keep very well, something you often see in multi trussed tomatoes. Clusters of 12+ will make it rain tomatoes at your place, Like I said this one is a rock star.

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