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Big White Pink Stripes heirloom tomato seed

Big White Pink Stripes heirloom tomato seed

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Big White Pink Stripe  If you are a fan of sweet tomatoes this is a must-have for you. This is one of the sweet tomatoes that make people laugh with joy when I give it to them for the first time. Not much is known about the deep history of this tomato but it was first offered in 1991 in the SSE (Seed Savers Exchange) Yearbook by Glenn Drowns of Iowa (IA DR G) He got the seeds from Donald Branscomb who was working for the Tomato Seed Bank project in the ’80s (his collection is legendary). But that is all we got and I would love to know more about one of my favorite tomatoes. This is a really big tomato with very white skin that is translucent and ghostly. The skin is soft and dents even when sitting on a table and the lobes make it hard to cut and hard to pick. But this is the genus of this tomato, it laughs in the face of modern agriculture because you have to eat this one in the field, or as Euell Gibbons would say eaten in the wind, and I love that. The fruit will also have a red blush on the blossom end that is under the skin and radiates out as a single stripe that is something to behold. Grow this one for you and share it with your best friends. About 10 seeds                          indeterminate plants      85 days

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