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Buena Mulata Pepper Seeds

Buena Mulata Pepper Seeds

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When I was a kid my two favorite paintings were Blind Pew by N.C. Wyeth and The Gateway by Horace Pippin. I can remember making the connection between the latter painter and seed saver one cool spring day while taking a break at the Roughwood Garden, sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee with William Woys Weaver and Don Yoder. Don and I having a wonderful conversation about one of my family names and how it went back to the Canton of Bern to the 1100s. William zipping in and out of the room bringing me a Scottish potato from the 1600s and a tomato from a Philadelphia Prison. Then he told me a story about jars in his grandfather’s freezer. That is where this wonderful Buena Mulata Pepper comes from.We truly love this pepper, it fits right into our lifestyle and works so well on all tacos and pizza that we crush on the reg, this is such a greatChester County culinary treasure. The fruit on this highly productive plant start out as the most amazing purple and than fade to bright red and they are amazing at ever step of this journey. The red ones do have a bit more of a fruity undertone and finish, but that purple is so vibrant with a balanced heat we love it on our Soppressata pizzas. about 10 seeds

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