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Canne Torre Regina heirloom tomato seed

Canne Torre Regina heirloom tomato seed

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Canne Torre Regina is from the Southern Italian region of Puglia, it is named for a small town with a famous lighthouse and Regina, The Queen's name comes from the calix (those little leaves around the stem.) and how it looks like a crown. This is a true storage tomato and its trusses are hung from a string and used all winter long. We have had them last well into the new year. The Italians have a saying, “A wrinkly hand makes a great broth.” and these wrinkly tomatoes in winter make an amazing broth. The fruit besides having a crown is a round golf ball-sized tomato that is flattened on both the blossom end and stem end. The flavor is rich and herbaceous which intensifies with the hanging process. about 10 seeds

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