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Des Andes heirloom tomato seeds

Des Andes heirloom tomato seeds

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Des Andes heirloom tomato seeds came to me from My friend Hillary when she returned from a trip from France. This variety was probably brought from the Andes to France by a French plant collector. This tomato also goes by the name Cornue des Andes (Des Andes, Andes, Andine Cornue, Andes Horn) This is a great paste tomato if you are looking to make lots of sauce. The fruits are 7” + firm and dense with a small seed cavity and a pronounced horn on the end, even though the photo does not show this. Massive fruits with a massive fruit set, this plant pumps them out. The flavor is complex with a touch of sweetness and earthy undertones. I used just this varietal for a pizza sauce this summer and it was over the top. About 10 seeds

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