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Emerald cherry Heirloom tomato seeds

Emerald cherry Heirloom tomato seeds

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Emerald cherry heirloom tomato seeds  Not a ton of information on this cherry tomato, so if you know something let me know. All the same this is an absolute making cherry tomato. It is a true green tomato that will get a yellowish blush when ripe. (OK full stop) dude if see another photo of a green tomato picked before it is ripe I am going to puke. Sorry but just stop doing it! This cherry also with tend to have a bit of a pinkish blush on some of the fruits, those are the ones you save for yourself. The flavor is sweet and tart with hints of stone fruits. The 1” fruits are amazing productive. These cherry tomatoes are great with some olive oil and garlic on pasta. about 10 seeds

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