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French Heirloom Tomato Collection

French Heirloom Tomato Collection

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I really love tomatoes, and the cultures that have also falling in love with them. The French have always had a wonderful way in looking at tomatoes from cultivation to culinary uses. Jaune flamme A French Heirloom that is an absolute dream. This is another one of our favorites. They are golf-ball sized fruits with dramatic glowing orange skin and dark orange/red flesh. A very early producer, making loads of luscious gems that keep you wanting this variety year after year. Full juicy tomato flavor with a hint of fruit. Marmande Introduced in 1897  by Pierre Andrieux of Vilmorn, a French seed company (which was started in 1742). Named after Marmande which was a commune started in 1195. The town still has a festival celebrating this tomato every year.This old French heirloom is really early and super productive. 4.5”  flattened fruit are slightly ribbed and a dark pink almost red. The rustic flavor is subtly perfumed with the texture of old earth and warm Provence sun. Great for slicing on your BLT’s. Jaune Coeur de Pigeon heirloom tomato seeds is and French heirloom is the yellow version of the red Coeur De Pigeon brought to the states by  Norbert Parreira (Tomato grower royalty) back in 1992. I love this tomato, the color of the fruit is yellow, but it's a deep yellow with hints of orange. The one inch fruits are super productive and wonderfully delicious. I love them sliced in half so the juices flow into any summer salad.   Etoile Blanche d’Anvers heirloom tomato seeds this French heirloom tomato, which translates to White Star of Antwerp. This is a medium sized tomato about 4” a bit flattened and slightly ruffled. The fruits are whitish yellow and can get a bit of pale pink on the blossom end. The flavor of the fruit is magical sweet and juicy. I love using it as a slicer even though it is a medium sized tomato.    10 seeds of each

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