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Gold Medal Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Gold Medal Heirloom Tomato Seeds

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Gold Medal Tomato Seeds. First introduced in 1921 by John Lewis Child’s as Ruby Gold and later renamed to Gold Medal by Ben Quisenberry in his 1972 catalog. Ben is a hero of mine (yeah he renamed tomatoes!!!) but he saved so many of Americas greatest tomato and did such important work. I wish more people know about him and his legacy. Gold Medal is what is know as a bi-color or a two tone tomato, Pineapple and Old German are well know bi-color tomatoes. Golden yellow on the shoulders, becoming orange mid fruit and fading to reddish orange on the blossom end, this tomato is quite striking. The fruits are productive and big boys, each one in the range of a pound. As my friend David Creech once said, “The BLT is the lobster roll of the Mid Atlantic.” He wasn’t lying, it is seen as a religion around here, from early June to mid September the BLT is the alter at which we kneel. Such a great tomato. 90 days till fruit on indeterminate plants. About 10 seeds 

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