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Goldie heirloom tomato seeds

Goldie heirloom tomato seeds

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Goldie Tomato Seeds. Sol in vobis is all my field notes say, my other notes go off the rails of how amazing this tomato really is. Sol in vobis is a saying in Latin that translates to “The sun lives in you.”  Also known as Yellow Giant Belgium and Yellow Belgium, and like all good tomatoes there is an entire group of people that say it is neither of these, but I cannot prove either to be true or false, what I can tell you is this you need this tomato. Not just because it is one of my top 5 orange tomatoes, but also because it is freaking rad, and don’t get me wrong Valencia will make you only want to grow orange tomatoes, but this is larger and softer and subtle with hints of fruit and earthy floral tones and pops of sunshine. The plants are super vigorous and fruit production is very heavy for a larger tomato. Very disease resistant and just nice to be around. 75 days till fruit on indeterminate plants. aboiut 10 seeds

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