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Greek amaranth vlita heirloom seed

Greek amaranth vlita heirloom seed

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Greek amaranth seed from the island of Serifos-  I got this from a customer of mine in Philly who most years spends a month on the island. I have never been to this island, but after I fell in love with this plant I googled it and it is beautiful. Vlita is the Greek name for this amaranth. The plant gets really tall and I have harvested young leaves off of old plants and cooked them and they were great, but I really love this plant when it is small, no taller than 4 inches or so. Great as fresh green, but lightly cooked in some olive oil and garlic and it is the perfect side. Easy to grow, if you let it go to seed, you will see just how easy it is to grow. About 20 seeds

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