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Periforme abruzzese heirloom tomato seed

Periforme abruzzese heirloom tomato seed

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Periforme abruzzese literally means the periphery or outskirts of Abruzzo. Sometimes you will find a tomato that looks like this pera or pear,  this periforme abruzzese is one that a friend got me a few years ago. It is used  to make what is locally adored and called Passata di Pomodoro Pera d’Abruzzo (Pera d’Abruzzo Tomato Sauce).  This is one of my favorite tomatoes to grow. It is a very productive plant, producing gobs of 4”-5” lobed meaty fruits.  Oh it does make a great sauce, this is one of my top five tomatoes for sauce making and one of the back bones of our sauce business. The fruit is the most divine color of red and those lobed fruits are so attractive that I often carry one around to show people or set one on  the dash of my truck so I can just look at it. The skin is thin, but not weak, there are not tons of seeds and the flesh is on the dryer side. But oh madonn what a tomato.   About 10 seeds.

80 days indeterminate

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