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Pineapple heirloom tomato seeds

Pineapple heirloom tomato seeds

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Pineapple heirloom tomato seeds also known as Ananas, this tomato was originally offered by Gleckler Seedmen a great 1950’s seed house that sold unusual varietals of tomatoes. Some people say it got its name from the shape of the fruit and others say it is from the flavor. Either way, oh mommy is this a great tomato. It ranks right up there with Mortage lifter bi-color and Northern lights as the tops of the big bi-color tomatoes in my book. The fruits are huge and can be 2 pounds and pretty productive for a big boy. The flavor is tomatoey and really sweet, with a candy-like giddiness. My favorite way to eat this is to cut into ¼” slices, have a friend bring me everything bagels from NY, add a bunch of Philadelphia cream cheese, and the slice of tomato, OMG! OK if you are not near NY or you don’t have friends drop that slice onto a BLT (AKA the lobster roll of the Mid Atlantic). about 10 seeds

80 days indeterminate

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