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Happy Cat Farm

PIZZA PARTY * 2024 in-person at your location.

PIZZA PARTY * 2024 in-person at your location.

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Everyone has been asking so here it is. A PIZZA SCHOOL that is live and in-person.   Bill Murray once said, ”Unless you are a pizza, the answer is yes, I can live without you.” Learn how to make pizza! This will be a deep dive into pizza and the techniques of making or finding the best flour, dough, sauce, cheese and other ingredients. As well as how to cook on Wood, gas, and even your home oven. Even one gets lots of pizza, but also a gift box of our favorite Salt, Olive oil, Flour, and a pizza stone.   $150 per person    seasonal snacks and natural wine will be served thru out.   SCHOOLS are non-refundable.    "Have faith in good ingredients, and treat them with dignity."  -Amanda Hesser

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