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PIZZA SCHOOL - DEEP DIVE three classes pizza from seed to pie online or in-person.

PIZZA SCHOOL - DEEP DIVE three classes pizza from seed to pie online or in-person.

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PIZZA SCHOOL : This is a 3 part school where we will start with seeds and end up cooking.          G R O W   :   C O O K   :   E A T     Follow me for a week on Instagram and I think you will start to understand my love affair with pizza. As Bill Murray once said, ”Unless you are a pizza, the answer is yes, I can live without you.” I tell people that pizza saved me, my deep dive into making great wood-fired pizza may not have saved me, but it definitely helped me cope with the lock dawn and the Covid years. Pizza is the perfect medium to express one's garden, as simple as bread, tomatoes, cheese and a bit of basil. (Hint: if you are ever outside in the summer and not happy, grab the growing tip of a basil plant and bury your face into it. Now you are happy, and hungry.) Or as complex as your imagination will take you, ( like olive oil  slow-roasted baby potatoes fresh from the soil, covered with 7 different cheeses and tons of fresh thyme, sage and rosemary.) In this school we will learn everything you need to grow, process and make your own pizza that will blow your friends minds. In early spring our first class will start with the history of pizza and what makes a good pizza. We will also talk about planting our wheat, getting the tomato, onions, pepper and basil seeds ready to plant. Early summer we will meet again to harvest our wheat and talk about processing it into flour and the dough making process. As well as how to start a sourdough starter. Lastly we will go over making some of the best tomato sauce you will ever taste.   Early fall we will meet to celebrate the harvest, bring all of our knowledge together and make pizzas together.   What you get, beyond the three classes. Salt Dough scrap OO flour Olive oil   Price for all three classes is $225.00

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