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Seminole Squash heirloom Seed

Seminole Squash heirloom Seed

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Seminole Squash Seed Cucurita moschata is a wild accruing squash that’s range is from Pennsylvania to Florida, where it grows really well and has been cultivated by native peoples. Panfilo de Narvaez was on an expedition (maybe not the right word) in 1528 near what is now Tallahassee, Fl., he saw Seminole Pumpkins under cultivation. "Chassahowitza," given to a region on the gulf in Southwest Florida by the Seminole people, means "pumpkin hanging place." This plant is a giant with some of our vines growing well over 30’. Each vine puts out tons of 7-8” tan fruits that can also be eaten as a summer squash when they are green. We really fell in love with this squash this fall. Roasted it is one of the best flavored squash I have ever had. About 10 seeds.

110 days

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