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Tess's Land Race Currant Tomato Seeds

Tess's Land Race Currant Tomato Seeds

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Tess's Landrace is a currant type of tomato (Solanum pimpinellifolium) Same species but different genus than most other tomatoes. a Landrace is a locally adapted variety of plant or animal that has adapted to natural or cultural environments. The only history on this tomato is that it is from Maryland but no date or other info seem to be known. I have had this in my collection for over ten years, but did not date the pack (DUH) so I can not be totally sure. Along with Matt's wild Cherry and Coyote Tess's Landrace all make the most interesting additions to any summer cheese board. We harvest the entire truss of these tiny fruits instead of picking each tomato, which tends to rip the skin at the stem, preferring to let our guest enjoy them straight off the vine. The plants tend to hold onto some of their wild roots and can grow like wild beasts, so get ready for a very large tomato plant. I attached a 12’ stake to a 5’ cage and it easily topped both. About 10 seeds and very indeterminate  75 days till fruit

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