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White Queen Heirloom tomato seeds

White Queen Heirloom tomato seeds

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White queen heirloom tomato is the kind of tomato If you eat this it and don’t smile, you might be a bad person. There is nothing worst than a sulker with giddy fruit flavored juice running down their chin. . . This tomato was first listed by seedman legend, Earl May who while in law school spent his summers at the turn of the century traveling around the Eastern US. Selling seeds for D.M. Ferry Seed Company on horseback. The seeds where donated to the USDA in 1963 and after that it has the pedigree of a race horse. Craig LeHoullier got them from the USDA and shared with the late great Carolyn Male who introduced it to SSE (Seed Savers Exchange). . . The fruit is Beefsteak-ish and can be12 or 13oz easy. The blossom end with get a pink blush and that is when they are the best to eat. Vines are indeterminate and a good production for a big boy. About 10 seeds.

[80 days] Indeterminate

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