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Yellow Riesentraube Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Yellow Riesentraube Heirloom Tomato Seeds

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Yellow Riesentraube tomato is Uber Rare, which is hard to believe, for two reasons. First off, the growing popularity in the Red Riesentraube, (and other grape tomatoes.) and Secondly the sheer amount of fruit this plant produces. Seriously, we would pick these and when we turned around the row was full of tomatoes already. The lineage of my seed is from William Woys Weaver. I do not know lots about the provenance of this variety, but the reds history keeps unfolding from its re-introduction in 1993 to its early use in an 1857 Pa. German Cookbook. It seems to be much older than that, we will just have to wait until its history comes into the light. About 10 sustainable seeds.

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